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On behalf of the students, staff and School Board, I would like to welcome you to the Rockingham Beach Education Support Centre website. I hope you enjoy learning more about our school as you navigate your way through this site. We aim to showcase our school to the wider community and provide information about ways in which we operate to meet the needs of our families. The website is not designed to answer all your questions, parents are encouraged to find out more about our school by booking a tour. I would be delighted to take you on a school tour to give you a thorough insight into our vision and values. Great things happen here!

Rockingham Beach is a strongly family-oriented school with student social and emotional wellbeing at the forefront of our pedagogy. The culture of our school and our priorities are reflected through our values of ‘Embrace Individuality, Connect and Communicate, Experience the Extraordinary, Embed Skills for Life.’

We as parents and teachers want the whole world for our children. We want them to be strong in themselves, find happy, friendly peers and to develop skills that allow them to access the world. At Rockingham Beach we strive to provide unique learning opportunities that cater for individuals and aspire to build brilliant futures for our families. We call this ‘The Rocky Beach Way’.

Julie Pullen,

RBESC PBS Character Stories

My name is Respectful Remi.

When I was just a baby my parents moved to Australia from Japan.

My favourite food is sushi!
My favourite colour is red and my favourite number is 7.

Lowen is an Aboriginal Australian girl. She is hard-working, determined and loves to learn. Learning makes her happy. She believes that learning is important and a life skill.

Lowen grew up in the country but now lives in the city. When Lowen was a little girl, she got very sick and had to go to hospital in the city where she now lives with her family – her mum, dad, brothers and sisters. Her aunties, uncles and cousins also live in the city close by. Lowen believes that family is important.

Lowen’s mum and dad named her after a bird, which Lowen likes to tell people it’s because she had to learn to ‘fly again’ after she used to be able to walk but now uses a wheelchair to help her move around.

Lowen doesn’t really like lots of noise or surprises. She also doesn’t like rude people or when someone gets injured or sick so she always tries her best to listen to instructions, use her manners and encourage others to try their hardest! Lowen’s favourite phrase to encourage people to try hard and be a learner is “Aim high!”

Her favourite food is sausages – all sorts of sausages, and her favourite colour is purple!

Sallu is an 8 year old boy who was born in Nairobi, Kenya. He speaks English but also speaks Swahili to his parents. Sallu moved to Rockingham in WA when he was a little baby. Sallu’s favourite food is corn on the cob and he loves drinking banana milkshakes because his favourite colour is yellow!

Number 5 is Sallu’s favourite number because there are 5 people in his family. They are his mum and dad, Xolani, his older brother and Nona, his younger sister. Sallu enjoys going to the beach where he is part of the Nippers programme learning to be safe whilst playing water sports and swimming in the ocean. Sallu wants to be a lifeguard when he grows up.

He knows that it is important to obey the rules to be safe so he listens to his instructors and stays with the Nippers when they are training. Sallu says “You should listen and obey the rules too to be a safe Sallu, wherever you go!”.

Raine is a confident girl that isn’t afraid of having a go or making a mistake. When Raine was younger, she couldn’t read the words written on the whiteboard. She thought that she may never be as clever as the other children in the classroom and this made her very sad. Then her observant teacher had a meeting with her Dad and mentioned that Raine may need to see an optician as she was having trouble reading the board. Her dad took her to the optician and she was able to choose a bright green pair of glasses that helped her see the board and she learnt to read.

This made Raine very happy and she has learnt she can change the way she thinks about tricky or difficult things . Now she always tries to find a way to think more positively in order to overcome her problems. Sometimes, Raine uses her cape as a shield to protect her from things that other people say which hurt her feelings.

Raine grew up with only one of her parents and for a long time, this was something that also made her sad. Because Raine has worked to bounce back from her problems, some people who don’t know her, think that she is disinterested or heartless. Her favourite colour is green because when she was growing up, she would collect different leaves from the local park with her mum. Raine likes eating salads as they keep her healthy and always ready to deal with a problem if it comes her way.

RBESC PBS Character Stories





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